A.O. Scott on Walkabout

That Tony Scott is a good writer. Nothing particularly fancy, just admirable, the way he’s able to notice and then put into words. Which I suppose is the basic skill required of a writer.

Here are a couple quotes from his review of “Walkabout”
“The price of living in the modern world is a feeling that we have fallen out of touch with the natural world. We long for an innocence that may have never existed but still exerts a significant hold on our imaginations.”

Perhaps that dream of innocence isn’t from an earlier time in human history,  but in individual history – childhood. Or both. Perhaps in childhood we access a way of life closer to that in which our minds evolved.
Here’s the video in full:
“Unmediated perception as if we were seeing the world for the very first time”
“Innocence is always lost but the memory or maybe the dream of our time in it is always with us.”

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