Like A Natural Woman

Okay this is off topic, but my profile of San Francisco politician/police commissioner/future icon Theresa Sparks just came out in San Francisco Magazine. I suppose it is on topic if you stretch to consider how people use the term natural in moral arguments. To me Theresa represents another realization as well: Natural can connote a sense of comfort. She may not have the body nature gave her, but spend 5 minutes with her and I guarantee that you’ll forget about that. The conversation feels perfectly natural.

One thought on “Like A Natural Woman

  1. This is actually NOT off topic. Part of what is natural is that people (and other creatures great and small) are of several genders. Hermaphrodism is “natural” in the sense that it occurs in nature. If a biological “man” decides he has a female soul and undergoes a technological operation to align body with soul, is that more or less natural? Boy, the lines start getting pretty blurry here. bj