A couple lovely reviews

Tanya Tolchin of The Lettuce Edge summed up my angle in “All Natural” this way:

He is not the conservative child of hippies rejecting how he was raised, but he looks critically at each piece before he decides how he wants to raise his own family. He is honestly trying to decide which pieces he wants to carry forward based on the best available science, not values and emotions. As a bonus, his personal story compelling and very funny and he keeps the reader laughing while we approaching topics that usually make people tense and angry instead.

Yes! Or at least that’s what I hoped to accomplish. Then I also saw this–a library in Chandler, Arizona (with some really savvy web jockeys!) reviewed the book this way:

Comparing modern Caesarean sections and Guatemalan birth customs, raw milk and upscale probiotic-infused yogurt, economically turbulent small ranches and high-tech factory farms populated by identical pigs, Johnson keeps searching for an answer to the question of nature versus technology. It is perhaps unsurprising that he never finds a clear winner, but some of what he discovers in his quest will surprise you. Whether you normally find yourself leaning toward the natural side or the scientific one, you might start to think a little differently about your own assumptions.

Again, I hope so. Thanks Michelle at the Chandler Public Library!

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