Unseen City

UnseenCityCoverI don’t know how this happened, but somehow I have a book coming out in April 2016! I wrote it between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, mostly, after the girls (and my day job) were asleep.

It was meant to be a simple passion project: I wanted to learn more about the plants and animals surrounding me (and I needed answers for Josephine’s constant questions), so hey, I might as well write down what I was learning in my research. (More details here). Easy, right? Yet I ended up giving it a pound of flesh.

When I turned the pages of the final product to make my last edits, however, I was pleased to find, that is was sprightly, light footed, and funny. This is good! I found myself thinking. Wait, who wrote this?

The book is available for order at a number of retailers. Buy it now! You wouldn’t want to forget would you? (I wrote it as the father’s day present I’d most like to receive — a field guide to my own backyard, so I could share and nurture the fascination my kids have for the common creatures we adults wrongly dismiss as uninteresting.).

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