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A crucial climate mystery is just under our feet




My deep dive on international development and conservation






That time I almost became vice president






How do we feed ourselves without ruining everything?

GMOs are totally imaginary







48 hours that changed the future of rainforests




My GMO deep dive





Healthier Births and Babies—With Midwives

Essay: Modern American obstetrics is great at reacting to catastrophe, but less skilled at preventing it






Dr. Feelgood

Forget the placebo effect: It’s the ‘Care Effect’ that matters






His Magic Elixir

Dr. Alex Hughes thinks he can make you smarter, thinner, and less hungover by injecting water with ingredients he found in the hospital. But his company, Function Drinks, first has to fight for shelf space amid all the other health drinks promising miracle cures.

Pandora’s Box

Act One: In Iowa, No One Can Hear You Squeal

From the 2007 Showtime television season on the struggle to make the perfect pig.


The Life and Times of Theresa Sparks

A former oilman, CEO, police commissioner, and butt of Jay Leno’s jokes, the groundbreaking activist is now San Francisco’s most electrifying political candidate since Harvey Milk.

Stung From Behind

Distracted by a mysterious rash of dying bees, researchers may be overlooking a more insidious pollinator crisis. It has little to do with bees and everything to do with booming markets for raspberries, pears, and chocolate.



As early elective births increase so do health risks for mother, child

For-profit hospitals performing more C-sections

More women dying from pregnancy complications; state holds on to report

The Revolution will not be Pasteurized

Inside the raw-milk underground

Swine of the Times

The making of the modern pig

Faure’s Requiem Performed for All Souls

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco performed Gabriel Faure’s Requiem on Veterans Day, and broke with tradition, dedicating the music not just to fallen soldiers, but to all souls.

So You Think You Can Dance ‘The Nutcracker’

At this time of year, Messiah singalongs are traditional. Move over Handel, it’s time to grab your tutu and dance along to The Nutcracker. And that’s just what they did earlier this month in San Francisco, where the audience got to participate — preferably in costume.

Taking Real Estate to a New Dimension

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

The Commissioner

A magazine article as live performance, delivered April 22, 2009, at Pop-Up #1 in San Francisco.