Inside Out Q&A February 26, 2015
SHERP, Science, Health and Environmental Reporting at New York University
Moderator: Lee Hotz
Introduction: Dan Fagin

Radio & Television:
KATU Portland


West Coast Live



Mother Jones


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A highly readable journey, ostensibly initiated by the decisions he found himself facing when about to become a father for the first time…This book is an informative, valuable and engrossing read.


All Natural is a bracingly smart and witty inquiry into how, in the face of conflicting assumptions and evidence, we can ever decide the best way to go about doing things like having a baby or cooking dinner.

The Oregonian

Engaging, informative and heartfelt, “All Natural” gives voice and reason to the ecological anxiety and data ubiquity that permeate our culture.

Spirituality + Health

It’s hard not to smile when [Johnson] writes tenderly about growing up as a naked back-to-nature kid raised on zucchini in a world of space-pod juice packets like Capri Sun and spreadable cheese food.

The Los Angeles Times

What’s really welcome about his deeply reported book, “All Natural,” is that his upbringing makes the investigation of nature versus technology fun as well as thought-provoking.

New York Times Motherlode – Books to Give Your Mother (And Yourself)

A detailed, rigorous, and challenging read.

Mother Jones



Engaging look at the merits of nature versus technology… Johnson’s investigation is both horrifying and amusing, and readers will relish the colorful, witty writing and find much food for thought.

Kirkus Reviews

[Johnson] presents a refreshing optimism that neither extolls the organic to the point of supporting pseudoscience nor negates the value of scientific advancements…the book strikes at the heart of hot-button issues with an Everyman appeal.

Publisher’s Weekly

[Michael] Pollan’s fans, as well as other readers grappling with the flood of conflicting information about how to live a healthy, nondestructive life, will appreciate this book’s thoughtful and nuanced attitude and its often surprising conclusions.

 Past Events

Minneapolis: American Association of Birth Centers Institute and Annual Meeting – September 26-29

San Francisco, California: January 31st in Conversation with Michael Pollan at the Ferry Building.

San Francisco, California: West Coast Live, February 2 at the Ferry Building.

Seattle, Washington: February 6, 7:30 pm at Town Hall. In conversation with Dan Cherkin.

Portland, Oregon: February 7 at Powell’s on Hawthorne at 7:40 pm.

Portland, Oregon: February 8 OB/Gyn Grand Rounds at OHSU.

Grass Valley/Nevada City, California: February 16 at Tomes, 3:00 pm. In conversation with Jeff Kane.

Miami, Florida: March 14, 6:30 pm, at Books & Books in Coral Gables. In conversation with Hilary Gerber of Mom’s Tinfoil Hat.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Literary Feast, March 16-18. Details here.

Fairfield, Connecticut: At Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe April 27, 7 pm. Details here.

New Haven, Connecticut: At The Grove, 71 Orange Street, April 28, 7 or 7:30pm. In conversation with Amy Romano. Details here.

Brookline, Massachusetts: May 1, 7 pm (private residence but all are welcome – email Nathanael47(at) for details).

New Paltz, New York: May 2 at SUNY, details here.

Brooklyn, New York: The Food Book Fair, 3:30 May 4 in the Wythe Hotel screening room. Panel on food and fatherhood. Details here.

Denver, Colorado: At the Tattered Cover (downtown, at 16th and Wynkoop), June 4 at 7:30 pm. More details here.